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In this role, you’ll be part of the Social Task Force for WeAreCollinCounty.com

Similar to task apps that pay small amounts for a few minutes of your time, we will occasionally post article links to share to your Facebook page.  If you have a fantastic Facebook presence, this might be a task you will enjoy.  Each task pays $1 and takes approximately 30 seconds (quite possibly less).  As always, proper dimensions of photos/links must be shared.  Payments for your weekly shares will be deposited to your PayPal account each week.  Think of it as Starbucks money. As we grow, the link availability will grow.

Additionally, when we alert you to the article links, you will typically have the option to choose 1 of 3 articles to allow you the flexibility to select one that fits your voice the best.  We are looking to fill up to 11 spots for this role.

As always, social media is an extremely important part of our blog growth and we want task force members that understand social and have a positive online presence where our Collin County posts will make an impact.

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