We're looking for awesome Photo Contributors for www.WeAreCollinCounty.com
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In this role, you will be a Photo Contributor

On occasion, we are looking for more photos to use in specific articles that showcase a location in Collin County.

Currently we are looking for up to 5 rockstar residents who reside in Celina, Princeton, Prosper, Farmersville, Frisco, McKinney or Plano. You'll need an eye for quality photo ops and a know how of photo editing (we don't need perfect photos, just photos that pop).  We want your best photos.

What makes this task fun and easy, is you are able to share photos from your daily outings from the playground to the coffee shop to running errands.
Payments for your weekly submissions will be deposited to your PayPal account each week. We pay $10 for 5 - 10 photos that include 1 -2 sentence summaries.  Plus, an additional $5 for sharing the final blog post on your Facebook. (Sharing is optional)

To summarize:
1. When requested, we will need 5 - 10 edited photos of a location/event
2. In proper dimensions
3. 1-2 sentence summary per photo
4. The freedom to photograph what you would like  (guidance provided)
5. Receive credit for photo on publication  (optional)

As always, social media is an extremely important part of our  growth and we want Photo Contributors who understand social, exactly where to easily edit those photos and to also have a positive online presence where our Collin County posts will make an impact.

This is not a full time job but occasional task we will reach out to you for. 
We are currently looking for up to 5 photo contributors for minimal submissions at this time.  As we grow, we will request more submissions. 

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Which city in Collin County do you reside?

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What 3 blogs do you read?

What app or website do you plan on using to edit your photos?

Did you know that blog images work best with specific dimensions?

What do you think are the best image dimensions for a blog?

What 2 places do you think you would photograph first? (name of place such as Arbor Hills park, boutique in downtown Celina, event on Main Street Frisco, fave cafe, fave playground etc)

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